sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

The world is a dynamic mess

Via Trabalho Sujo e O Universo.

A letra:
[Morgan Freeman]
So, what are we really made of?
Dig deep inside the atom
and you’ll find tiny particles
Held together by invisible forces
Everything is made up
Of tiny packets of energy
Born in cosmic furnaces
[Frank Close]
The atoms that we’re made of have
Negatively charged electrons
Whirling around a big bulky nucleus
[Michio Kaku]
The Quantum Theory
Offers a very different explanation
Of our world
[Brian Cox]
The universe is made of
Twelve particles of matter
Four forces of nature
That’s a wonderful and significant story
[Richard Feynman]
Suppose that little things
Behaved very differently
Than anything big
Nothing’s really as it seems
It’s so wonderfully different
Than anything big
The world is a dynamic mess
Of jiggling things
It’s hard to believe
The quantum theory
Is so strange and bizzare
Even Einstein couldn’t get his head around it
In the quantum world
The world of particles
Nothing is certain
It’s a world of probabilities
It’s very hard to imagine
All the crazy things
That things really are like
Electrons act like waves
No they don’t exactly
They act like particles
No they don’t exactly
[Stephen Hawking]
We need a theory of everything
Which is still just beyond our grasp
We need a theory of everything, perhaps
The ultimate triump of science
I gotta stop somewhere
I’ll leave you something to imagine

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